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Quick Updates

* Thanks to some random memo I received at work last week concerning the identifing myself as a Revenue employee on public and private web pages, I will be locking down my posts to Friends only starting next week (Whether that will be from now on or retroactivly is still in question). While I'm doing that, I'd like to cull my F-list a bit. Anybody still wishing to remain listed, just reply.

* I am beyond broke, thanks to the car fisaco over a week ago and a few unexpected payments. This beyond brokeness shall end once my paycheck rolls in on Thursday, but not by much.

* This kind of eats into my Friday the 13th b-day vacation plans. Ah well, I'll do what I do best, roll with it.

* I am only making an apperance at Dragon on Saturday. I'd like to see/hang out with some of you folkies during that time. Pop me an email with some sort of contact info on it and I'll holla at you once we're on site.

* Thanks to the wonderfully talented Scott Bragg (a.k.a. he who did my corset pics back in January), I have a set of nice Transformus poses. The usual editing and posting (I have to make sure any boobies aren't showing, etc.) will commense soon.

* I am nearing the end of my vaunted patience with many things in my life right now, mostly random acts of stupid. Luckily, this is the fuel that is driving me towards making some major changes, so in a way, I welcome it. Of course I'll be wanking about them in more detail here. Stay tuned.

Aug. 20th, 2006

Whoo, I'm pooped, and I have a lot to catch up on.

**First, the car (now named Blitzy) failed her emissions test, so no tag for me...

...until I gave Terance a call.

Now she has a shiny new Madison County tag to last her until this October. That will give me plenty of time to either (a) fix the thing that keeping her from passing (a nearly 200 dollar repair job) or (b) move to Madison County or the general Athens area, where emmissions testing isn't required.

**Blitzy makes the whole visiting thing very, very easy now. I feel so much more balanced in my relationships now that I have the ability to go out and see people without wondering "And just how am I going to get home?"

**On that same thread, the afternoon commute up 316 to Athens is a bitch any day of the week.

**I'm still pretty "blah" on D*C this year. Besides seeing people I don't get to normally see and checking out what The Cruxshadows are up to, I don't think I can justify the cost of doing the whole weekend. So I'm thinking just heading up with Terance for whatever day the band is playing (cause he's a fan who has never seen them live), saying my hellos to everyone (much easier with this cellphone), seeing CXS, and then finding something else to do for the extended weekend.

**Given my general "bleh" on cons that don't start with Froli-, the jury is still out on AWA as well (I mean, hell, I've never gotten laid during AWA anyways, so...). I mean, I could justify going long enough to see the horror of "The Hour that Doesn't Exist" and whatever happens with the "Yaoi After Dark" panel...but...bleh...

**The job search goes... It would be a lot less stressful if I could just sit down and learn how to write a decent cover letter.

**I've been way too tempted to just find excuses to use up my annual leave and not show up at my job. But now they've got me training five people at once (on three different things-whee!), so the power of gulit compels me otherwise. I wonder how much of my leave (annual, sick, comp time, holiday) will I get in cash when I quit?

**I've just spent this afternoon helping Terance give away some kittens at a Wal-Mart. This was after being taught how to throw a punch (hey, I asked). I thought it was a perfect ending to a fairly nice weekend of getting shit done.

**My new music obsession is Morning Musume. I have crossed over to the dark side of J-pop.

*thinks* Did I forget anything?

Aug. 15th, 2006

The title in now in my name...

I have purchaced insurance...

Tommorrow I go and get the tag renewed...

and then...and then

She's all mine! *cackles madly*



Firstly, I'm not doing any long-term driving (read: nothing farther than the Publix and Target a couple of blocks away) until I get the title in my name and insurance, so I won't be visiting/hanging out/etc. for a little bit longer, kay?

I forgot to give mad, mad props to seldomawake for his help (and extra stuff!) yesterday. Go you, happy birthday, and enjoy your new ride. You totally deserve it!

And me...I'm well, too happy for words, honestly. My brain is just imploding with the possiblities now, and I'm so grateful for each one. I can't wait until I start waking up at 5:30 instead of 4 to get to work (flipping off the Number 8 all the way)...whee!

Off to grocery shop!






Thanks to pigmassacre, I now am wheel'ed!

Rejoice with me!


Rejoice with me, for I have reached the High-Wank part of Kingdom Hearts II!

Vacation Nearly Done

For starters: Sadly, I am no longer 2d6 for Sexy. The left dice that fell off during Sexy Halloween fell off again during Transformus...and we couldn't find it.

So today I am sporting Hematite balls...yay!

The Weekend: The weekend was lovely. Transformus was just as dirty!Hippie as I expected, but a lot of fun. It helped that I didn't listen too carefully to anyone on anything stronger than beer. Yay for running into a lot of people that I haven't seen in forever (including the valedictorian from my high school-weird!). Unfortunatly I did the wimpy old lady thing and didn't stay up all night. Hell, Terance and I crashed out right after the big wicker man thing burned to the ground.

We also learned a few important lessons about camping in the mountains. Mainly about staying warm at night in the middle of summer.

I was more than glad to get back to his place yesterday to commune with some hot running water. I even got to drive part of the way back-yay!

Terance: So yeah, I love him. Nothing new there, right? I apparently impressed the hell out of him with my self-reliance. Little things like having the campsite mostly packed up with he was struggling to get his car out of the mud at Transformus, common sense stuff like that.

I met his mother today, she likes me. I managed to be in his prensence for that many days (Wens. to today) and not be utterly sick of him...as a matter of fact, he got used to my presence. We seem to work well together. The sudden omgheshere! feelings faded fast into this comfort thing. We don't need each other, but it's nice to have him around.

Yes, this is still something very, very new and amazing to me. He's a keeper. Which brings me to the next point:

The Future: Well, it shouldn't come as a surprise by now that I hate my job. I haven't gotten a great deal of enjoyment out of it since Corvette died. I've also been in Atlanta for damn near 7 years. Given my transisent childhood, that's the longest I've lived in one city ever. I've become frustrated and annoyed with the town in general.

Sure, I could score a car and a great chunk of my complaints would disappear. But I've been toying with the idea of getting the fuck out since I was engaged years ago.

I've been to Athens about three times now. Athens is looking rather good. And yes, Terance is a big reason why, but I'm starting to dig the smallish town vibe.

Housing is also way, way cheaper. Easier to get my own place and all...

So, I'm kicking around the idea. No, I'm not going to just fly up there any time soon on a whim to be with a guy I've only dated for 4 months. That's immature and stupid, and you know that's not how I roll. I have to at least find a decent job first, nevermind seeing how we work out as a couple. Fuck, even if we don't work out, I just might go anyway. And of course, there's the that whole car question. That will take months. So I've got my feelers out in both Atlanta and Athens. Whichever one bites first gets a load of me.

..so, yeah...

Tommorrow I have off for decompressing reasons...I'm so not looking forward to clocking in the next day...oh well...

Athens/Asheville bound

I've got my shit packed and I'm ready to fly!

..or bus as the case may be...

Heading off for a well deserved vacation, and I hope to see some of you weirdos as Transformus this weekend.

The rest of you I'll see on Monday.


Well, that was a nice surprise...

For Sexxy Halloween, I was expecting to just work the desk, since I'm a little out of commission to play, and have as much fun as one can have with their tits hanging out (I was a sexy Black Widow).

Decorating was fun, I got to see a lot of folk that I haven't seen since Frolicon. I got asked a lot "Well, is your guy coming?" and saying a lot of "Well, no..." and "We're actually skipping this week because of Transformus" (saving money and all that jazz). I missed him...even more so when it looked as if everyone was bringing/had brought their S.O.'s with them.

I called Terance up after comiserating with Kate (she misses her boy too), and he called me back as I was changing at JuJu's place. After telling him that people were asking about him, and hearing that people were asking about me at the birthday party he went to Friday night, he decided to come down to the party anyway.

Can you say "Happy Kiki"? I'm sure you could.

The party was great, the decorations were lovely, and I was having a blast until the dice of one of my nipple rings fell out. After about 30 minutes of proding around with tools, I just decided that we should probably hear home before I lose the piercing itself and the hole closed back up (sorry about missing my shift, guys, but I kinda didn't want to lose that happy hole of mine). I felt kinda bad that I didn't get to party as much as I wanted, or to show off Terance more.

*crosses fingers* We're discussing going to Around the World together (well, I know I'm going, I just have to see if he wants to come along).

So, yeah, two days of work to endure, and then I'm hopping a bus to start my vacation. I'll be back on Monday and will take all of Tuesday off to recover. This is the longest we'll be in each other's faces; I do hope we don't get completely sick of each other by then.