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Transformus Pics!

Okay, so here are my favs out of the set of Transformus photos that the super-awesome Scott Bragg did of me.

I even managed to drag Terance into a few shots. I really didn't want to add any of those because (a) it's so damn sappy and corny to have "hey, look at how cute we are" photos of yourself and (b) some of them have us humorously looking in two different directions (and yes, I was the idiot looking directly at the camera).

But hey, I'm feeling a little corny. And the two I picked are rather awesome. I'm thinking of getting a print of both.

Anyway, enjoy!

btw, I'll be moving to Friends Only on tommorrow. The retroactive move off all of my previous posts (goddam that's a lot) will commense shortly after that.

btw x2, new icon!


Sep. 5th, 2006 03:39 am (UTC)
Great pictures!